Our Process

Are You a Buyer or a Seller?


We do things a little different in terms of making sure you are covered during all steps of the process. Feeling comfortable with the steps is the best way to ensure a smooth transaction. Here is a list of the general steps when dealing with a sale. Remember everyone is different and so is every sale.

  • Make contact and arrange for initial meeting. Expectations out of your REALTOR®. Make sure to ask us any questions you have about the property sale. Our end goal is to learn about your family, lifestyle and what your plans and goals are before, during and after the sale so we can represent your best interests. (Sellers guide available)
  • When preparing your property to hit the market, we can give you some great tips for a successful showing. Decluttering your home, furniture placement, curb appeal and suggest repairs so your home shows its best.
  • Setup a second meeting to align the expectations of the sale with your plan. What to expect out of sale? Time it will take? Steps throughout.
  • During the listing meeting we will review comparable sales in the market and what to expect for reviewing offers and closing the deal.
  • Once a plan is in place, we proceed with the listing and begin marketing the property through a variety of outlets. We work diligently with sellers, buyers and other agents to best promote the sale of your property.


We want to make sure to understand your goals for your residential, commercial or farm purchase. Opportunities arise all the time and being prepared is very important. Here are the steps to ensure both you and your agent are ready when the time comes:

  • Meet to discuss purchase plans. Discuss your wants and needs in a home with your REALTOR®. (Buyers guide available)
  • Begin looking at pre-approval options for financing to ensure you know your budget and what your comfortable with.
  • Have a general idea for size and location of where you want to buy. Are you looking for a home that needs a little TLC or something move in ready?
  • View properties with your Agent, once you find “the one” write an offer with your REALTOR®.
  • Once accepted follow through with conditions set forth in offer and wait for the big day.